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after_school_new2 We are located at the rear of the local primary school, allowing us to drop and collect the children by foot. We offer breakfast club and after-school collections, we also offer childcare during the school holidays too - (Halloween, Christmas, Mid Term, Easter & Summer Holidays) We offer different types of care: Morning drop off to school only: After School 2:10 or 3:10 collection only : One hour collection between 2:10 pm & 3:10 pm where the child is collected from the school at 2:10 pm and brought back to school again at 3:10 pm. Full day care which includes the morning drop off plus the after noon collection (2:10 or 3:10) five days per week. Our After school service only operates during the school term but we do take care of school going children in our After school room during school holidays to facilitate working parents. Its a full daycare creche service. Our opening hours are 8:00 am - 6:00 pm Monday to Friday during the school term. We follow the school calendar for Clondrohid National School. Breakfast is served to the children in the After School Dining room each morning from 8:20 am -.9:00 am. The children are walked to school at 9:20 am. School collections begin at 2:10 pm & 3:10 pm. Dinner is again served in the After School dining room. In the After School room there is a Homework area, children are given the opportunity to do their homework they are assisted by our staff but we do not take responsibility for its completion. It's the parents responsibility to check their own child's work. Each day children that attend after school have access to lots of age appropriate Games,Arts & Crafts, jigsaws, painting, outdoor playground, books, music etc... They build relationships with other children that attend after school that they may not meet in school or in different classes and these form solid relationships that go on through the years. All of the children have a fantastic relationship with our after school staff they build up a trust with them over time, that's what makes our after school service so successful and popular with parents and children knowing their child (children) are going into an environment feeling safe,secure and happy. Please give us a call, e-mail (afterschoolroom@gmail.com) during the term time alternatively e-mail (clannairecreche@gmail.com) out of school times  or phone us 026 -43344  if you have any queries speak to Mairead or Gobnait