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Child Paths We are using a communication tool involving childcare software called Child Paths. They have partnered with some very experienced childcare professionals to develop a platform so we can communicate quicker and smarter with parents giving you a greater insight into your child’s day through learning and development. We use tablets in every room to document your child’s day i.e. time of arrival, departure, activities ,food ,sleep, toileting, photos etc. Through an app on your phone you have access to all of the above throughout your child’s day. The annual subscription is approx. €60. You are not obliged to use this program, but we will be continuously recoding your child’s data on Child paths. Child Paths was designed so parents and guardians can engage in conversation about their child’s day. Having an insight be it through photos or communication on the app helps in conversations with your child by discussing their day or showing them the photos you received. Uploading photos to your child’s profile allows staff to interact and communicate better with the children as they can create conversations which are child lead from the photos parents upload over the weekend etc. Any information and data that we collect will be for our record keeping use and will be treated under our confidentiality policy, which we legally have to share with the childcare inspectors. From a security perspective, the information that travels from the tablets to the servers is encrypted, and the servers are held in Ireland with one of the world’s leading hosting providers Amazon. The software is protected by a username and password to access the information. Parents obviously only have access to their own child’s account. Additional security information can be provided on request from Child Paths. . www.childpaths.ie  

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