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Our Food

Healthy Eating Policy We are very conscious that we have a responsibility of passing on healthy eating habits to children at a young age.  The Early years are critical for the formation of good lifestyle habits. We provide children with child size plates and cups and give child size portions that match their size. We do not serve foods that are high in sugar, fat or salt. We serve water & milk to the children instead of fruit juices. We provide all the food your child will need breakfast, dinner and tea are cooked freshly on the premises everyday by our Kitchen staff. We have three week menus that rotate every three weeks, these menus have been developed from the “Food & Nutrition Guidelines for Pre-School services”. A copy of these menus are given to all parents when their child begins using our services and we work closely with parents if their child has any food intolerance or allergies. Our Menus are changed twice yearly to introduce new tastes and textures to the children and they are encouraged to try new foods. Our Chef, Geraldine, cooks all the meals and bakes the cakes, scones and brown bread which the children love. Having a balanced diet is very important to young and growing children and we have tried to vary our menus to make it as interesting as we can but allowing them to get all the nutrients that they need. Click to view/download our menu plans - ClannAireMenus